HDD Compatibility: WD Red NAS 6TB 256Mb with NAS PR4100

Hi there,

I’ve purchased the NAS PR4100 diskless and now need to purchase my drives - I’m looking to buy 4 x 6TB drives.

Looking at the compatibility list (https://www.wdc.com/en-um/products/internal-storage/wd-red.html#compatibility) I see that the WD60EFRX (6TB, SATA 6Gb/s, 64Mb cache) is compatible with my NAS, but when shopping for the 6TB drives all I can find is the latest WD6003FFBX (6TB, SATA 6Gb/s 7200 rpm, 256Mb cache), and while this is a sexy drive that I’m keen to buy, I don’t know if it will be compatible with my WD PR4100.

Anyone able to confirm this for me?

Sure, WD reds are the recommended disks for the PR2100/PR4100.

Thanks Tfl - my concern though is with the actual model number that I want to buy not being listed in the Compatibility List on WD’s site. Do you think the 6TB WD Red NAS drive with 256Mb will also work?

Yeah, all that matters is the SATA interface and to be sure that spindown works, it’s often best to stick with the WD branded disks. The WD6003FFBX have larger cache, which could provide a nice speedup for certain applications.
They just forgot to update the compatibility list.

Great, thanks!

By the way, the WD6003FFBX is a WD Red Pro drive (compared to non-Pro). Not only do they have a faster RPM (5400 vs 7200) but the buffers, in general, are beefier. The 10TB version of both WD Red and Red Pro drives are also supported in the PR4100 for anyone looking to max out space (although the price to storage ratio is a bit off since we are nearing the limits of current magnetic technology).