The first backup - 2TB of data files (very slow)

Hi All,
I try to backup my files first time via USB 3.0 and it takes almost 24h and progress is 50%.
Isn’t to slow? Is the next backups will be faster?

Some more information is needed.

What files are you trying to backup? where are they stored?
What MyCloud are you using?
What USB3 port are you talking about?

I might guess and assume you are trying to backup the contents of a MyCloud to a USB HDD connected to the MyCloud’s USB port, using either the Safepoint (Gen1 MyCloud) or Backup (Gen2 MyCloud) feature.

If so, then, in my experience, the USB port on the MyCloud is very slow (about 4MB/s), although others find it faster.

If you managed to get 30MB/s write speed to the USB HDD, you might expect the backup to take about 18 hours (2e12/30e6 seconds). If you got the 4MB/s I measured, you’d expect it to take 139 hours.

I would hope that subsequent backups will be incremental, and only copy new or changed files, so you should expect subsequent backups to be much faster.

But I don’t use the USB port, or the built-in backup tool, because it’s slow, and I don’t trust it, given the reports of problems reported here.

Thank you for the answer.
Could you give me an advice how to make a backup in the safe and best way?