Cloud Backup To USB

MY CLOUD USB BACKUP SLOW: Looks like I made a poor choice in selecting this model as it has no realistic way of backing up TB’s of data to the USB without writing code or doing something I don’t have time to do. Using a full 1GB network, 16GB Ram and Windows 10 file explorer, I started a 2TB backup to a new WD 4TB My Passport USB 3.0 HD on Christmas Eve, now 5 days later only 60% completed. Not sure this will finish before next year and when done the Cloud will get replaced with something. Before this, I attached the My Passport to my computer’s 3.0 port and stopped that process when I noticed the slow speeds. Then move it to the NAS 3.0, same results but I am letting it run, hopefully until completion in slow motion.

Any recommendations on a single 4TB drive NAS that can actually copy files to the USB 3.0 or even better USB C using windows 10 explorer? I use it mostly for photography with large RAW images and smaller JPG. Camera uploads to desktop computer HD, edited and save on the desktop, when completed the folder for that batch is copied to the NAS Public Share as backup. The 4TB MyCloud currently has about 2TB copied to it. Daily use to copy files to and from the NAS are acceptable and have had zero problems with using the NAS. However, backing up the NAS has been a nightmare. If backing up your WD MyCloud is important and you don’t want to write code or deal with the warranty warnings of using the root code, look for something else. The backup has 82,000 files to go, speed ranges to 0 between copies and 700kb on small jpg and picks up speed to about 1.8mp on large files MERRY CHRISTMAS

The reason behind the slow USB Backup directly from the USB 3.0 port of My Cloud can be indexing of the files via My Cloud or DLNA media server.

You can refer the link given below to check how to disable My Cloud Indexing and media services.

Thank you for the reply. I finally got all files (250,000) off the My Cloud, it took 10 days and had to be monitored as it was necessary to hit “retry” on some of the files during the copy process for the process to continue. Not sure about using the My Cloud again. It worked fine for day to day copy and edits of batch files but I was not able to get acceptable speeds when copying ALL the files from the My Cloud to a USB 3.0 HD. I can get 90 Mbs when copying from the computer to an attached USB 3.0 HD and less than 2 Mbs from the My Cloud to the same USB 3.0 HD. Maybe I had a defective unit if anyone else can copy 2 TB of data faster than 10 days from the My Cloud. My unit is a Gen 1. that I have used and copied files to for several years with batch files of about 250GB at a time.

You most likely do do not have a defective unit. If you do a forum search (magnifying glass icon upper right) you’ll find that there are numerous past complaints of slow copying/transfer speed to a USB 3.0 hard drive attached to the My Cloud USB 3.0 port. It is in all likely hood a problem with the hardware. While turning off, or disabling via SSH, various My Cloud services and features helps somewhat to unburden the limited processing power and limited RAM of the My Cloud one will find that USB transfer speeds are still anemic.

Couple the slow transfer speeds with the fact that the first Safepoint/backup to the USB drive always takes the longest due to copying all the files and you have a recipe for serious frustration.

Examples of past complaints: