Text file viewing on iPhone App

Hello there. Tech question on MyCloud app.

Scenario - I have a directory with multiple text files in them that I am trying to view on my iPhone App. They are all listed in the directory listing, but some files can be viewed just fine, but others not so much. These are all plain text files, but they do have a mix of UNIX, Mac, and even Windows text file formatting. But I have not been able to determine any correlation between that and what files can be viewed, or not.

Basic question - What requirements are known to exist with the WD Mycloud iPhone , and the viewing of text files? Is there a size limit? A need for line feed vs CR ? I just cant figure it out.

Thank you ! BTW, nice active community here with WD MyCloud NAS … Impressive.

Note, I work for Datto Corp. but this is for home use.


Normally, a file that is not recognized as a text file will be displayed as a ? in the iOS app and cannot be opened.

IE: filename.conf

Thank you SBrown. In this case, the icon suggests it is a text file that can be opened.

But… when opened, the screen is blank. It is 50 lines long, so its not just hidden behind the banner.

Not sure if this helps, but this file has 0x0A (linefeed) newlines, not 0x0D.

Other files DO open - (sorry I have to cover so much up… these files have account info)…

FYI - Ive given up finding out what the issue was. Im taking problematic files and copying content into new files with OSX’s Notepad, and the new files open just fine. So strange.