Syncronization of network drives

I chose this solution to make copies from my workplace to my house. In my workplace i installed Wd sync and I tried to add drive Z: ( a network share mapped as a drive) to my backup plan. Nevertheless, the software did not find that drive, and it was not possible for me to add it. How can i overcome this issue ?

You can read here on the WD Sync Software and how to sync between different locations.
How to use WD Sync to sync data with a My Cloud storage device

Also make sure your work allows this type of access, most do not for security reasons.

Thanks for the answer. I have followed the procedure in the link you sent me previously. The problem is that I have a network drive mapped as drive z:, and i want to sync files there to my cloud. When I try to add drive z: in Wd Sync it simply does not appear. Is there any chance to overcome this issue ?

You can’t map a remote network drive on the MyCloud. That facility was removed last year, to much annoyance.

Is this Z drive at home, or at work?

Îs at work, Configured on a machine that has Wd Sync installed. The idea was to sync the files on the mapped network drive to the private cloud, but the software only allows local drives to be added. Is there any chance i can do it? With scp ?

You could use third party sync programs like Free File Sync ( and access the remote My Cloud using FTP or unofficially SFTP to synchronize to a remote My Cloud if the WD Sync program won’t access a mapped drive. However FTP is insecure.