Trying to mirror a network drive

I have an apple time capsule as my primary NAS. I bought the my cloud as a way to mirror the time capsule just in case. I have everything connected and the sync software running. The only trick is that it seems to only want to sync local files. I can’t seem to make it look at any network drives.

Does the WD cloud have the ability to sync or mirror another network drive or network folder? I have been using the WD sync software, maybe I need a 3rd party app?

No there is no app on the My Cloud Dashboard to copy data (non SharePoint data) from another device to the My Cloud. However, if you use SSH to access the My Cloud it is possible to trigger a copy of a remote drive’s contents to the My Cloud. There are several links in the first thread link below that explain how to issue a remote copy command. Or you can use a 3rd party Sync or Backup program that supports NAS access to copy the contents. The Smartware program only copies contents from the local computer’s hard drive(s) to the My Cloud or Drop Box.

These issues were discussed in two recent threads:

The linked post below goes step by step in creating a job on My Cloud, well your cloud, that you can have run daily. You can even configure it to email you after it finishes.

You just have to enable SSH on the dashboard. You can use the Terminal program on your mac (Applications, Utilities, Terminal) to SSH into MC and create the scripts to run the rsync job.

RSYNC backup

Ok, thanks everyone!