Setting up sync with 2 laptops and MyCloud

I am trying to setup a MyCloud so that it maintains a backup of work files.

I have a laptop at the office and another at home.   I have the MyCloud setup at home.

I need changes made to the work files via the office laptop to be synced to the MyCloud via the internet, so that I can work on them from home or at work.

Is this doable with MyCloud and how can I set this up?

Hello MarkVC, Welcome to the WD Comunity. You can manually transfer the information from your work computer to the WD My Cloud remotely. You can find information on how to access the WD My Cloud Remotely on this link,  How to remotely access a WD My Cloud Personal Cloud drive.

As mentioned before.

Alternatively, you can synchronize using WinSCP, and you can make it secure by following this guide to secure the FTP

I use it myself to sunchronise work files.

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