Remote backup on mycloud


i recently purchased a WD mycloud and plugged it in my housein order to backup the businesscomputer in remote backup (for case of fire or something else that may damage physically the computer and the bulding)

 i can see the files in the mycloud with the “WD my cloud for desktop” but the windows dont recognize it as a device because it placed at the house not at the business so i dont understand how i can backup the computer to the mycloud device?

thank you,

Eden Schinasi

You have a couple of options:

  • you can use to mount remote shares on your work computer and sync/copy files to these shares. Because, unlike local mounted shares, remote mounted shares use the webdav protocal to interface with the unit, your backup software might not see the shares or not backup properly. You have to try.

  • you can set up the cloud as an FTP server, then make the FTP access available remotely. A lot of backup software support FTP shares as a destination.