Syncing Solution Needed ASAP

Afternoon all,

I have recently purchased a new desktop PC for the family in addidtion to the laptop that we currently use. I currently have the laptop set up to back up and sync to the MY cloud.

Is there a way I can set up my new PC to sync with the laptop through the WD My cloud?


I create a word documnet on my laptop and save locally and gets backed up/ synced with WD My cloud. When I turn my new PC on the document is in my documents on the PC  and vice versa.

If this cannot be done how do i go about getting a solution for the problem


55 views and no reply come on people give me a hand here !!!

The WD My Cloud (out of the box) doesn’t support syncing between two PC’s itself. Instead you have to configure the PC’s themselves to sync the data to the WD My Cloud. A quick simple Google search will provide a few possible options and or solutions. Here is one such option: How to Sync Data Between MACs, PCs & NAS Around the World

Microsoft SyncToy is a possibility. I use it to sync between a PC, the MyCloud and a laptop and it works well for me.

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I use GoodSync to sync to my WD NAS and my several PC’s.  I do it manually however.  I believe it has an auto function.  Been using it for 3+ yrs on several PC’s: Vista, XP, 7.  WD to Seagate NAS’s as well.