How to sync 2 pc:s with WD Sync?

I have installed “WD Sync” in my home pc and in office pc. I have 2 folders that I want to synchronice so the inhold is exactly; “Photos” and “Documents” I have set up this in both pc:s to sync in the Cloud device to “My photos” and “My documents”. The pc:s does not have exactly the same structure so I have set both to sync and was thinking I shall admin the structure when all is synced.
Which is the best way to do this? Shall I do this directly in the cloud device?? Or??

You don’t say what generation of My Cloud you have, but, I suggest you look in this User Manual, Chapter Four and follow those instructions.

Hi cat0w. Thanks for answering. Maybe I was a little unclear in my way questioning?
I have read the part in the manual, but did not find my answer there. I have all setted up in my 2 pc:s like instructions, but can only see one pc:sync with the sync folders on the WD MyCloud drive?
I have setted up the same folders “Photos” and “Documents” in both pc:s to sync with the same folders “My photos” and “My documents”, I have some different folders in pc 2, but can only see the inhold from pc 1.
I hope this is clear enough :slight_smile:

If one uses the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) they’ll find past discussion on the problems with using WD Sync to sync two or more computers to the same Share/folder on the My Cloud. The problem seems to be that each computer’s WD Sync program fights over who controls the Share/folder on the My Cloud which results in some data not being shared or data being removed from both computers or the My Cloud Share.

It appears the WD Sync program really isn’t designed to sync multiple computers into the same My Cloud Share/folder. Instead it appears to run best (when it works) when each computer has their own independent sync Share/folder on the My Cloud.

Thanks Bennor, sorry if I asked a question already in thread. But I did search without finding answer to my question. Your answer was the best :slight_smile:
Wonder if you or someone can give me an idea to achieve what I’m looking for…? I was thinking of Copying the wanted folders right on the “My Cloud” shared folder on the desktop, and when worked on files in it just copy from the actual pc to this folder so it writes over the old file… manually, but maybe the best way?

Works fine now. Syncing 2 pc to same syncfolder in the mycloud unit.