How can I sync multiple devices with My cloud?


I currently using My cloud with WD Sync.

My laptop (one folder) is synced with My cloud and it is working perfectly.

And I wanna sync that with my computer at my office.

So if I make a change to a document or add a file to my office computer’s folder, then it is synced with My cloud folder, then I can use the file or continuously use the document at the laptop.

I installed WD sync to my office computer and tried to make a sync.

I expected that if I make a sync, then the files from My cloud would be downloaded to my office computer, but it is not working.

So, how can I make a sync with My cloud to two computers?

Thank you in advance.

Can you sync multiple computers to the My Cloud? Yes. Each computer should end up with its own sync folder initially.

Can you sync multiple computers with the same sync folder on the My Cloud so all the data in that folder is synced to multiple computers? People have had mixed results with trying this option with WD Sync. Often the sync between multiple computers fails due to the way WD Sync operates.

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search for sync multiple computers to find numerous past discussions on how to sync multiple computers to the My Cloud. Also see the WD Sync embedded help file for more information on the WD Sync program and how to change the default options/configuration.