Sync between folders on different PC's!?

Hi There

Generally, things work brilliantly with my new WD My Cloud, but I have encountered a problem that I simply haven’t been able to solve!

I am trying to set up a sync between a folder on my home PC and a folder on my Work PC, via the “WD Sync”-App. It sync’s perfectly from my home PC to the WD My Cloud, but when I set it up trying to sync it from the WD My Cloud to my Work PC, nothing happens??? and in the “WD Sync”-App in the Controlpanel in the bottom right conrner on my PC, it says the “WDMyCloud is up to date”… which it is definitely NOT!?


  • The Folder I’m trying to sync is 10GB in size!
  • My home PC is a MAC and my work PC is a Windows!

What is wrong here!??
I REALLY hope someone can help me!!??!

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I think you might be confuse about how the application works.

This is a utility that allow you to sync your file to the My Cloud device on your network.

As far as I know, it wont allow you to sync the files that you have on the drive to a different computer.

You might be able to do that with a third party application.

WD Sync doesn’t sync between two computers, ONLY computer to My Cloud.

You may be able to accomplish what you seek by using FreeFileSync. But it will entail some configuring on your part to allow the program to sync between remote computers.

Note however that you may need to consult with your work IT department (or personal) and using such a program to sync data between work and home computer may violate company or corporate IT policy.

Welll… then I’m happy to tell you that it DOES!! :blush:

It works perfectly with other folders I have tested… 2 folders, one on my home pc and one at work, both synced to the WD Cloud located at home, and both perfectly synced (ex. what I put in in the folder at home, quickly shows up in the folder at work!!) through the WD My Cloud over the internet. It works just like Dropbox! If you need proof, see the bottom of this page…

“Sync your life across all your computers
WD Sync automatically synchronizes your favorite content across all your computers and your My Cloud device, so you can be confident that your important files are always up to date and accessible from all your devices.”

Only problem is… in this case… with this larger folder, its wont sync!?? And I have NO idea why!?
Help needed!!

As explained to ERmorel, it does, and with other folders I have tested, it works perfectly!!
Just for this larger folder… It won’t sync! Well, it syncs to WD My Cloud from my home PC, but it wont sync to my work PC!

Lars_Kohler, in your initial post you indicated you were trying to sync between two computers without syncing to the My Cloud using the WD Sync software.

“I am trying to set up a sync between a folder on my home PC and a folder on my Work PC, via the “WD Sync”-App.”

As explained the WD Sync software does not allow for syncing between two computers independent of the My Cloud. What it does do, which you found out, is allow two separate PC’s to sync their contents to one folder on the My Cloud. Note however there may be problems as explained in other threads when syncing two computers to the same folder on the My Cloud using the WD Sync software.

Ehhh… No, sorry, but that is not what I indicated.

If this is what you got out of my post, then I haven’t made myself clear enogh! Sorry!

I have found several threads about this issue, but since I can get this working with different smaller/simpler test folders, without any problems, I thought maybe my problem was in regard to the size of the folder!?!

This is what I want, and what works flawelessly with different test folders!

Maybe this makes more sense, and clears out any misunderstandings! :wink:


I have similar situation here. I want to replace DropBox with my “WD Cloud Ex2” device (firmware up to date). I installed Sync on 3 computers. On one I put some files and immediately it uploads all to the cloud. In the file browser of cloud I see all files. But the other 2 computers since hours have the state “all up to date” nothing to synchronize and no files are downloaded from Cloud to the local computer.

I am disapointed about the one-way direction now because at the moment I would call it backup, not Sync. How to fix that?