WD MyCloud Sync issues between 2 computers and cloud

Hi guys,

1st time I post something here, so apologies in advance for dumb questions…

I bought a MyCloud some weeks ago and although I’m pretty happy with it, there are still some issues I cannot fix.

As background, consider the following:

  • “Cris’ stuff”: personal folder where I have bunch of stuff that needs to be synced.
  • “Cris’ Mac”: my personal computer at home (folder “Cris’ stuff” lives here).
  • “Cris’ PC”: my computer at work.

The idea is to have the “Cris’ stuff” folder synced perfectly between “Cris’ Mac”, the MyCloud and “Cris’ PC”. You can have that… right? So, the problems I have:

  • In my “Cris’ Mac” I have deleted a folder within the folder “Cris’ stuff”, but that deletion is not being reflected on the MyCloud. The deletion of this folder within “Cris’ stuff” happened ~12 hrs ago.
  • I have many folders within the “Cris’ stuff” folder which have been transferred to the MyCloud without problems, but won’t sync to the “Cris’ PC”, even though I have the folders correctly mapped in the WD Sync App on “Cris’ Mac” and “Cris’ PC” and the app is giving me the “MyCloud is updated” message.

So, apparently, nothing is being synced at this moment, but I still have files/folders on the MyCloud that have been deleted 12 hrs ago on “Cris’ Mac” and I don’t have files/folders on “Cris’ PC” that have been for a while now on the MyCloud.

Anyone able to help??

Thanks in advance!

If you do a forum search you’ll find that others have had this issue of WD Sync not properly working with multiple computers syncing to the same location on the My Cloud. The solution appears to be that one computer has to finish syncing BEFORE the next computer starts its sync otherwise the sync database stored on the My Cloud becomes corrupted which causes the sync to fail. The WD Sync software currently really isn’t designed to sync multiple computers from one single location on the My Cloud, rather its designed for each computer to sync to their own separate sync folder.

More than a few have dumped the WD Sync software (for a variety of reasons) and have gone with 3rd party software like Free File Sync (http://www.freefilesync.org/).

Here are a few past threads on the issue some have had success others have not when using WD Sync.





Yeah… I didn’t read the whole forum, sorry about that… so long story short, there’s no way to correctly sync home pc - MyCloud - work pc… that’s dissapointing… :confused:

Sure there is, just don’t use the WD Sync software. Use a 3rd party program instead, like Free File Sync previously mentioned.