HOW TO sync same folders on my mirror and 2 computers

I have the WD my cloud mirror and trying for 2 weeks how get the the same file on my laptop and desktop via the WD my mirror
i tried my sync but some hoe its sync every computer files to the WD device but not to the other computer , so i cant get all them sync
any idea ?
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Are the files open/in use during the sync process? What type of files are they? Does a system reboot allow the sync process to proceed?

the file are closed and its actually the whole folders
i have one laptop “dell” with folder C\user X\ mycloud and contain file name 111
second laptop is ASUS and have folder C\userY\ mycloud with file name 222
on the WD device i have folder name WDsync and there i can see both file 111 and 222 but the files are not transferring to other laptop
why the file are not sync to other laptop ?
i reboot the all e and no change

file inside are pictures , word and powerpoint