Can mycloud sync as well as backup?

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I appreciate this is not a good time for WD with the mess of and poor remote access (I’m considering returning my recent purchase to the store… but before I do…), I wondered if it was possible to sync the files on the mycloud with a paired computer as well as backup to it? For example if I add a file via the desktop app, is there a way to make it appear on a paired computer? or is the file transfer (I’m using Smart Ware) only a one way backup? (I’m thinking Dropbox may be a better option otherwise).

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Sorry - just found some threads answering this… ! (Should have looked harder before posting! And erm… I can’t find a way to delete the message anywhere…so…)

Looks like the mycloud is going back to the shop then, unless there’s plans to add this feature with the new website/developments???


Does the current version of Smartware support “true” syncing? No. However, it is possible to “sync” a computer (possibly even mobile devices) with the WD My Cloud using 3rd party apps or software. Any snyc software that can access a network attached storage device (NAS) or a mapped drive on the computer should work.

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Any free 3rd party apps or software you could recommend?



Some alternatives mentioned in previous discussions on Syncing, like this one: Syncing Solution Needed ASAP

Do a web search for something like “nas sync files” and you should get a variety of hits on software/apps to sync a computer/mobile device to an NAS device like the My Cloud.

Hmm, ok BitTorrent Sync looks decent, maybe I can give that a try. Thanks

If you want to send it back cause WD does not provide sync software, it is your choice. Just be aware most vendors if not all do not offer this capability. If anyone knows of one, speak up.

Reason? Maybe cause there are way too many free options out there. The same can be achieved with OS CLI commands such as robocopy for windows or rsync for Linux/Macs.

Yeah I guess I’m just pretty underwhelmed that the Smartware software only does uni-directional backups. Seems like a Sync option would be a good improvement so you could add files remotely and sync the WD with a paired computer.

Just make sure you understrand the differences… Sync is not the same as backup. Totally different. Google it.

And yeah, it might be nice to have a Sync option but as mentioned before, way too many options out there already.

WD Sync is part of OS3 so i’m guessing it should be available before Oct 1st

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