Synchronized Backup of 1 DL4100 to Another DL4100

I am trying to setup a backup synchronization between 2 identical DL4100’s on the same network via the Remote Network Option choosing the Remote Server as My Cloud.

Both servers have Remote Server turned on with the same password.
Likewise Port Forwarding is turned on for Remote Backups for both servers as well.

In creating the Backup Job

When doing so, I am prompted to Login to my My Cloud account with my email and password.
However this returns the following error:

No Devices Found

No devices could be found that you could backup the My Cloud system to.

Please make sure:

*RSync , SSH ports are forwarded.

Click Back to try again.

What configuration am I missing?
How can I synchronize the two devices?

Please advise.

never had two to try. Is SSH enabled in settings? Other than that I think it is ports, but do not know what rsyncd and ssh use

might look through this. It says ex but I imagine it is the same as the dx. Says Upnp must be enabled??

Hi Basil_Babaa

if you are in the same network, you don’t need to use the “My Cloud” remote backup but simply fill in the IP address of the remote DL4100. The “My Cloud” option would enable the remote backup to be send to another My Cloud device that is located somewhere else but not in your home network, e. g. for backing up a My Cloud in your office to another My Cloud at your private home using the internet line.

“No devices found” means that a) the login to is blocked or b) the remote DL4100 is not accessible from WAN side. If you can access the remote DL4100 from, then you should check if the first DL4100 can access the internet.

@Joerg_A So you are saying in the wizard to select NAS and enter the IP/Share Etc. and not select MY Cloud

@Gramps Correct, the “main” page with “NAS Server” als Remote Server, not with “My Cloud” selected in the drop down list.

Here is the full page screenshot:

Details are in the Manual of the My Cloud on page 56 of this PDF, page 50 of the print pages.


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Hi Joerg_A,

Yes. I was able to get what you suggest to work. Thanks so much for that.

But it buries the backups in folders created by the unit for example: When performing a synchronized backup of the Public folder on Unit A Volume 1\Public (it shows up on Unit B as follows: Volume 1\Public/WUBG26110020_WDMyCloud-18T/Public/Public

I need for the two units to be synchronized in real time and bi-directionally and completely down to the exact folder structure of the shares and security. Where what’s in Public on Unit A is what’s in Public on Unit B… down to the credentials.

Likewise, it does not appear that synchronization is working in real time as I imagined. When you add/delete items from one Unit they are not automatically added/deleted from the other unit until the Backup Job is run again. Also synchronization only appears to occur in one direction and is not bi-directional. So, what is the difference between synchronization and copy?

Evidently there are limitations here in feature set that I assumed from the marketing materials that would be included. Is what I am asking NOT possible? Or are there 3rd Party Apps available that can do what I need and intended for when I purchased these?

Also, I will still need the other My Cloud method working because my intent is to move the second unit off site in the next few weeks when we open a second office.

But by what you’re saying, it appears that I cannot preconfigure my scenario now while both units are on the same network, so that I can just pick up the second take it to the new office and plug it in and go?

Please elaborate and advise, and again, Thanks so much.