Synchronizing two remote My cloud EX2 drives

Dear All,

I bought two My cloud EX2 drives and I like to place them in different locations with internet connection and sync a particular folder between them.

I tried:
In the network settings I configured the SSH and the remote server in both the devices.
Did port forwarding.(Also in my main router). In both the devices

In Drive A Backups: Remote backups I was able to add a job with type sync from Drive A to B.
this works, When i add an file in Drive A, and run the backup job it can sync. But if i add some file in Drive B in the same folder its not getting synced.

Do I need to setup anything else to make this happen ?

Also, I did this with my temp IP, which is not a static public IP, I tried to set the remote backup using “my cloud” as the remote server, but it gives me error saying No device found and asking me to do *Rsync, ssh ports are forwarded. What is RSync/ and how do i enable that ?


Hello, to have both drive to work as a sync folder, you will need to create a backup job from A to B and another one from B to A, this way, whenever you move information on one drive will be synced to the other.

Are you able to remotely access the drives by going into or from your mobile device?

Thanks for your reply IIuna,

Yes, I can see both my drives in “” and I can access them both…

Now I’m testing this setup in my network, I changed one of my drives SSH port to 23 and remote server to 874, is this creating the problem ?

And also I’m able to create a back up job from A to B but not from B to A


Port 23 is port for telnet I am not sure if this will work to do the remote backup.

It is weird that you were unable to create the remote backup using WD backup, however as WD is experiencing issues with could have something to do.