Remote Backup to another WD Cloud & vice versa - requirements / troubleshooting

Hi there,

I just got my second WD Cloud Mirror (12TB dad got the old 4TB one) and therefore’d like to setup a two way backup.

The big plan: one of his WDcloud-shares is backup up to my WD Cloud and one of my WDcloud-shares is backed up to his WD Cloud.

I got it working in one direction but not the other way around. I already tried to use different Ports for the 2nd WD Cloud (for SSH and Backup) and opened the ports on both firewalls (fritzbox) but it didn’t solve the issue.

My last guess is that because we both use the same router/firewall we both got the same IP range. Therefore I might need to change my dads IP Range to 192.168.179.x or something. But I would love to get arount that hassle…

Both WD Cloud Mirror devices are registered with my account.

So any Ideas? Here is my setup - thanks!


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps.

How to create a Remote Backup on a WD My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2, and My Cloud EX4 Personal Cloud drive

This is exactly what I’m trying to do.  but not able to make it work across the i-net.  will work inside my network but no across a network…  

did you get this working?