Struggling with remote back up


Newbie here.  I have two MyCloudMirror devices and I am truying to backup one to the other.   It simply failsto find the second device - though I can see it on my network.

I think I have followed the instructions - set up the receivign device as a remote server enabled port access on the sending device but it always fails.  I get the message

“Remote Backup cannot proceed for an unknown reason.
Remote Backup cannot proceed due to a failed RSYNC Test.”

Hugely annoyed becasue I only bought the second device to backup the first .

Be very grateful if someone would help, since WD never rely to emails



Are both of these on the SAME network, or is one at a remote location?

If they’re on the same network, then there’s no need to use remote server configuration, as I’m thinking you should just be using safepoint instead.

Great thanks - what is safepoint?

Described in the manual.   Check it out.  ;)

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I am also struggling with remote backup…

In our office I have a WD My Cloud Mirror 4GB (Static IP from ISP)

I want to back it up to an identical unit at my home (Static IP from ISP also)

I’ve spoken with Support (foreign help desk) and they confirmed all the things that I have to turn on on both devices… which I had already done prior to the call.

Here’s what I am doing for the

Remote Backup IP: XX.XXX.XX.XX:873  result…  remote password not valid

Remote Backup IP: XX.XXX.XX.XX:22    result… remote password not valid

Remote Backup IP: XX XXX.XX.XX         result… Remote Backup cannot proceed due to an unknown SSH host.

                                                                                Remote Backup cannot proceed due to a failed RSYNC Test.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong… I’ve checked and rechecked the remote password on both ends… I know they are correct.

I’m getting frustrated and could really use some guidance.

Thank you in advance,