Sync My Cloud 1st Gen & My Cloud Home

Okay, I posted this in the “My Cloud Home” forum without much response.

OK I got my shiny new “ My Cloud Home ” today and I’m currently doing a Network Import from my “ My Cloud ” 1st Gen box.

What I’d like to know is there any way of keeping the two boxes synced?

Ideally I’d like to back up My PC to the “ My Cloud ” and then sync to the “ My Cloud Home

Is this practical?

Just wondered if anyone on here had any ideas?

Your not going to get much of a response because officially it’s not possible to do it from My Cloud to My Cloud Home. The first gen single bay My Cloud does not have a “sync” feature within the My Cloud Dashboard. All it (first gen My Cloud) has is Safepoint which will backup a first gen My Cloud to another first gen My Cloud. For more information on where My Cloud Safepoint can backup to see this knowledgebase article.

Unofficially who knows. The My Cloud Home is not the same as a My Cloud and has very limited options for accessing the device. Unlike the My Cloud line it doesn’t appear you can access the My Cloud Home at the firmware level using SSH which would be one way to sync content from a single bay My Cloud to another NAS or My Cloud device via SSH.

If the My Cloud Home supports FTP it might be possible to somehow configure (using SSH) the first gen My Cloud to FTP data to the My Cloud Home. Note that FTP is insecure and data could be captured.

Check to see what third party apps the My Cloud Home supports to see if any of those apps support backing up or syncing data, then see how it performs those actions to see if you could possibly have it pull data from the first My Cloud.

Chances are you will need to use a computer or similar device with some sort of sync/backup software to copy data from the My Cloud to the My Cloud Home. For example one could use Free File Sync ( on a computer to sync or mirror data from one hard drive, NAS drive location to another.

Also didn’t see if you mentioned if both devices are on the same local network. Trying to backup/sync data from one My Cloud to another NAS or My Cloud device located in a remote location adds even more complexity and issues that may prevent it from being done.

Thanks Bennor, yes both devices are on the same local network. I’m beggining to feel my money would have been better spent on a 2nd Gen My Cloud. The My Cloud Home was really easy to setup, but appears extremely restricted and inflexible.

Tried Freefilesync but ran into permissions problems with “My Cloud”.

I have both the “My Cloud” and “My Cloud Home” mapped as drives on my Win 10 laptop. For now I’m using Filezilla with synchronized browsing and set to show differences logging into the “My Cloud” with SFTP and copying across from the “My Cloud Home”, but it’s a “sharp irritation in the left buttock” because I 'm having to do everything manually.

What was the specific error message with Free File Sync?

No problems using Free FIle Sync with a single bay My Cloud model here with Private Shares. One thing to keep in mind that when accessing Private Shares using Windows you need to use a My Cloud User Name that has permission to access all of the Private Shares. Windows does not like mixed credentials (using two or more User Names/Passwords) when accessing Private Shares on the My Cloud.

I think I’ve found the problem Bennor, you say private shares. The files I am trying to sync are in the “Public” folder. It’s Audio, Video & Photos.

This is the error I’m seeing


I assume your copying from the My Cloud Home to the My Cloud, is this correct?
Does the error occur on all files or just one or two files in a specific folder?
What happens if you copy files from one location to another using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

Hi, yes copying from “My Cloud Home” to “My Cloud” and it would appear to be a specific folder.

Windows File Explorer works OK (running Win 10)


It was a permissions thing, i’ve sorted it now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Much appreciated