Data synchronization between two MyCloud devices

I just bought another MyCloud 3T and checked it’s version is 2.30.165 but my old MyCloud 3T device with the firmware 4.05.00-315. I have checked that there are some useful functions are missing in the 4.05.00-315. Actually, I wanna to do an increment or synchronous content between two MyCloud devices automatically, is there any good method about that? Thanks.

Have you used the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search for the many past discussions on trying to sync or backup between two My Cloud devices?

Officially you cannot “sync” from one single bay My Cloud (using the Dashboard) to another single bay My Cloud. Officially you cannot backup from one v2.x single bay My Cloud (using the Dashboard) to another v2.x single bay My Cloud. Unknown if a backup can be done from a v2.x second gen single bay My Cloud to a first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud. Only the multi bay My Cloud units (Mirror and above) officially support backing up from one My Cloud to another.

Unofficially and absolutely NOT supported by WD there might be ways to backup or sync one v2.x single bay My cloud to another v2.x or v4.x single bay My Cloud. but it would most likely involve using SSH to modify the device(s) firmware.

Use the forum search feature and read the various prior discussions on backing up one My Cloud to another. For example:

You can use the auto synchronise (safepoints) from the 4.05 to the 2.30 , it’s only at set times, but you could set it up to do more than one safepoint a day, even 1 an hour , it’s not ideal as the shares are put inside several sub-folders , but that’s the only way using the ‘official’ firmware you have.

Thanks for your recommendation, I did it yesterday by using the method of safe point. But it is very time consuming to complete. On the other hand, I am looking for some open source to check the data increment and auto synchronous to other side by Linux base.

Thanks much.

Hi Bennor,

Thanks for your suggestion, I am green here and just discovered there is a forum by WD in the Gen2 Mycloud. I think I cannot get this forum if continuing to use the Gen1 Mycloud device ^_^.

Yes , it’s time consuming initially , but after the first one it’s fairly fast.