Sync My Cloud 1st Gen & My Cloud Home

OK I got my shiny new “My Cloud Home” today and I’m currently doing a Network Import from my “My Cloud” 1st Gen box.

What I’d like to know is there any way of keeping the two boxes synced?

Ideally I’d like to back up My PC to the “My Cloud” and then sync to the “My Cloud Home

Is this practical?

@gibbylinks Have you checked the Knowledge Base for an answer? See link below for possible answers to your question.

Hi, yes I’ve looked but can’t see anything about sync between the two devices, other than the Network Import on the My Cloud Home, which looks to be intended as a one off operation.

It’s also confusing that WD Discovery doesn’t see the My Cloud and WD Access doesn’t see the My Cloud Home. A bit of compatability wouldn’t have gone a miss.

@gibbylinks Sure it’s practical to want to be able to implement this because I am trying to implement this exact same MCH drive update configuration but I can’t figure out how to sync a folder(s) across the network drives, using either WD Discovery or WD Sync because either there are claimed software features like being able to “Sync to My Cloud” that are supposed to appear after right-clicking on a folder in Windows Explorer but I’m definitely not seeing that option or only seeing my My Cloud network drive shown as available to upload files to but not to sync files from!

There must be a way to accomplish this with an elegant and efficient network drive cloning, syncing and backups operation but I just can’t see a way to do it with the current WD “homegrown” software tools available. Perhaps somebody out there has figured out how to do this?