Switching from WD Sync to GoodSync for WD?

I use WD Sync on my Win10 laptop to backup files to MyCloud. I also use MyCloud software on my Android phone to automatically back up pictures (yes, I know Google does that, too, but I like the idea of having my own local copy just in case)

Now WD is offering a Free version of GoodSync to perform this function. The email says: “The WD Sync software will no longer be available for download effective April 30, 2020. Your data synced in the My Cloud NAS* will be untouched.”

If I download and install GoodSync and it messes up, can I go back to using WD Sync? Do I have to Un-Install WD Sync before installing GoodSync? I’d like to give the new software a try, but don’t want to break what is already working.

Any info you can provide is appreciated!

My suggestion, before April 30 or before you install GoodSync I suggest you download the latest version of WD Sync and save it on your computer in case you do want to reinstall it at a later date if GoodSync doesn’t work right. I have it saved on my computer in downloads.

If you want to try out GoodSync download it and follow any and all instructions that come with it for installation. Use link below for downloads.


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I asked a related question after receiving GoodSync and having doubts about whether I needed it. Like you I have a Windows 10 Laptop and an Android phone. I don’t think WD Sync is backing up your phone.
GOOGLE syncs Contacts, favourites and my GMail.
A member of the WD Community confirmed I did not need GoodSync. Just make sure your WD Smartware continues to do it’s job.

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