GoodSync vs WdSync

I just got an email from WD regarding downloading and using GoodSync. I am not sure if I should switch from WDSync or not.

I have one desktop/workstation that I keep in real time sync with the MyCloud EX2.

I am unsure of how to remove WDSync and associated sync data from MyCloud EX2 and then set up the Good Sync so it syncs my desktop and MyCloud the same as currently done by WDSync.

Is it necessary to switch to GoodSync? Recommended?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I received this email too and have ondered whether to move over to GoodSync. So, I have just given it a go, but ran into a significant problem. According to the WD email, GoodSync for WD is a limited free version though with more features than WDSync. However, on setting GoodSync up on my PC, it allowed me to set up one job and when I went to set up another I got a messgae saying that I had exceeded WD free version limtiations and would need to pay for GoodSync WD paid license to get unlimited jobs. So, I reset the job, working from a single drive on my PC and selecting multiple folders, which it seemed to be happy with. That’s more limited than WDSync, which I have set up to sync a series of folders on different drives, and as yet I can’t find a way to do this with this limited version of GoodSync. At the moment, I am going to remain with WDSync as whilst it is quite limited in what it can do, it does what I need it to do, simply multiple machine (desktop, laptop, phone, tablet) sync to my WD My Cloud Ultra Ex2, which acts as a pretty decent personal cloud.

Thank you for your reply SteveC21. I have a situation similar to what you describe.

I couldn’t get any clear directions for how I would wipe out the existing WDSync backup data on the MyCloud. Plus I did not find selecting folders from multiple drives for GoodSync include in the syncing operation to be easy or intuitive. I opened the GoodSync Help and it started with a message saying something to the effect that, “Only advance users with expert knowledge of GoodSync should need to use this Help doc. All other users should be easily and automatically guided thru the setup on install.” My experience was otherwise. I’m sticking with WDSync until I have a good understanding why"upgrading" is a good idea.