Swapping files from my no longer supported MyCloud

Hi all

After repeatedly being told that WD was not going to support MyCloud ver 3 I bought a new My Cloud Expert Series EX2 Ultra. I went into their useless support portal and asked HOW do I transfer my files from one to the other. They responded with some nonsensical thing about mapping something.

What I want to do is a simple drag and drop like I used to put the files into the MyCloud in the first place

When I click on a file to drag it, it opens, this will take me a year to transfer all at this rate.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me very simple sequential instructions, as I am not a computer geek. Please use simple terms not computer jargon.

Assume I know nothing, just as I would assume you know nothing about rebuilding a 1952, 4 cam, 6 carb, Ferrari.

First, you have posted in the wrong sub-forum. Go back to WD Community and look for your device under OS5. I hope that’s what you have on your new EX2 Ultra.

You can also search the Knowledge base for information. Hopefully, someone who owns a EX2 Ultra can send you a link to the User Manual.

Well Cat thank you for that questionably useful answer, my present MyCloud is an OS 3, as I indicated. I am not a geek, so I really don’t understand the relevancy.

I will post the same answer in the forum you suggested, but I’m thinking no one knows

@nick56 Quit clicking on it, select and hold down your mouse, drag it to where you want it to go.

Click on, tap, or activate images to enlarge them.