How to migrate Data from old no longer supported MyCloud to new MyCloud

Hello All,

Can someone please give me the quickest way to transfer data from my old mycloud (which is the no longer supported one) to the new one that just arrived?



It would help to know what new My Cloud you have?

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Hi, thank you for asking. After a lot of messing around I found a solution which was connecting both drives and my computer on a switch. The file transfer will take a loooooong time though lol

There are numerous recent posts and discussions on ways to copy data from one My Cloud to another. Here are just several recent posts/discussions:

Generally the basic way is to connect the My Cloud devices to a Gigabit capable network router or switch, then use a computer connected to that same router/switch using Ethernet cable one can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy, or drag and drop, the files/folders from one device to another. The process generally will be slow. Avoid using a computer connected using WiFi since that method tends to be slower than using Gigabit Ethernet.

Other methods of transferring files include using SSH to access the old My Cloud at the root level to trigger a copy/sync command using rsync to instruct the old My Cloud to copy data to the new My Cloud. This method bypasses the potential of data flowing through a separate computer (Windows/Mac) when using the previously indicated basic method of copying files. Or connecting a USB hard drive to the old My Cloud, using SSH and rsync to copy data to that USB hard drive, then remove the USB drive and connect it to the new My Cloud and SSH and rsync copy process to copy from the USB drive to the new My Cloud.

If one uses the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon top right, they can search for numerous past discussions on using SSH and rsync to copy from one My Cloud to another.

Or depending on the OS3 version one may be able to use the My Cloud Dashboard Safepoint or Backup feature to copy files to the new My Cloud device.

How long the copy process takes depends on how much data one is trying to copy or transfer and the size/number of files being transferred. Copying several TB of data could take a significant amount of time.