Support for MyCloud Mirror Gen 1 ENDING

Dear All,

Have had a My Cloud Mirror Gen 1 6TB since 2015, and have been very happy using it for monthly backups of our home desktop (always using Smartware), and for remote access of various shares from Android phone and tablet, and from Windows10 laptop (well, happy until the withdrawal of support for MyCloud for Windows…)

Have just had our notice of withdrawal of support for MCM Gen 1 from early 2022

Thinking about what to do next, a few questions arise, and I would appreciate help and advice:

  1. Smartware: When Smartware did (does) backups to the MCM, does it write the files into a special file format? If I copy these Smartware files to a new device, will they be readable? I really don’t want to lose all my backed up data going back to 2015. (I’ve avoided adopting Acronis True Image as I understood it to create its own unique format of backup sets (.tib, .tibx), which I’m worried might not be portable)

  2. Windows support: When WD removed support for the Windows version of MyCloud, and we were forced to use the very clunky and tedious upload / download function of the WD website, I was dismayed to find that it appeared that WD held an index of my MCM contents, and that all my data passed through WD’s hands on the way to / from my MCM. Thinking about the current WD product range: a) Would I still have to go through the WD website to get remote access from a Windows laptop? b) If so, why on earth can’t WD provide an app for Windows which offers the same convenience as the Android (and iOS) MyCloud app for remote access?)

  3. Obsolete hardware: What to do with a cloud box which has healthy drives and an insecure OS? Can I put the WD drives into a different NAS?


To your last point, it may be possible to insert the drives into a MyCloud ultra. There was a post about this sometime in the last year. Otherwise, back up the contents, buy a new NAS (Synology) and use the drives in that.