My Cloud Mirror Apps

I don’t see the need for the PC App to use the My Cloud Mirror.  What is the reason or advantage of using the App?

Also, please answer the question for the other Apps for the My Cloud Mirror, what advantage do they provide or are they necessary?  I am new to the community and to the My Cloud Mirror.  I am using it in a home enviroment hopefully in place of doing incremental backups.  Advice or suggestions will be welcome.

I had a backup failure with one of my laptops that prompted the My Cloud Mirror purchase.  The laptop failed and would not boot the OS.  I tried to use the backup on an external drive to recreate the system but it only partially loaded and would not see the last  five months of the backups.  So I am hoping that the Mirror will solve this problem from happening to me again.

Hopefully, someone has the knowledge and time to address these issues.  Assistance will be much appreciated.


Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

The desktop app will let you access you device from a remote location. When you refer to the other apps are you referring to the app section on the dashboard ? You have the Smartware software for incremental backups on you computer. and also there is the mobile versions of Mycloud app which is to remotely access the drive with a cellphone.

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Yes, that is correct.  I was refering to the PC desktop App which I seem to be able to use or not.  So while within my network area the PC App could be used but is not necessary.  However, If I understand you, I would need to use the PC App if I was going to access MCM from outside my local area.  Is this the same with the app for my android phone or do I need that app for local access also? 

I do not have the Smartware software.  I assume because I have not downloaded it.  Another, item I do not understand.  Because my desktop (Dell) software failed when I needed it for reinstating my laptop both OS and data; I bought the MCM to hold my data and a mirror copy.  My thinking was/is that I did not need the incremental  backups if I just worked from the MCM because I would always have an exact copy of my data.  So would I use the Smartware software to do backups of my OS and programs?  If so where should I keep them, on the MCM or on a different external hard drive?  I am not so very worried about the OS and programs as they are replaceable but my data is not.

Thanks so much for taking the time with a newbie, I do so appreciate your help.


You would need a software than can do a full backup of your computer on this case that can access network locations. there should be some software that can do this bit Smartware will only backup your files, this does not mean that another software that can support network locations wont work for you.

And you can use the Android and iOS app both locally and remotely, same goes for the desktop app.

Hope this helps you out