WD Smartware / My Cloud

What is the difference between WD Smartware and My Cloud. I am in the dark on these types of things.
I have noticed that I always have these 2 options whenever I am searching for answers. I have both. ??
I’m trying to find out if my phone is backing to My Cloud? How to do this??
How do I check to see if backups are current from my 2 computers and my cell?
Please use easy to understand directions if you can help me.
Thank you

SmartWare is used for backing up your devices to My Cloud and retrieving it. See User Manual.

For My Cloud see its User Manual.

When you have the Dashboard open check out the Help (?) information provided to help you in setting up your My Cloud, Remote Cloud Connection, and your devices.

Here is a link to the Learning Center.



I suspect you are asking about the MyCloud desktop or mobile App, not the device itself (cat0w has given you a link to the manual for the device).

I don’t use the WD Desktop App, and the only information on its use I can find with Google is:


Which seems a bit sparse: no user manual PDF…

I’d suggest the difference between Smartware and MyCloud Desktop App is that the former is intended to perform backups, and the latter is intended for simple access (in particular, remote access: for local access, map the device into your computer’s file system; see p23 of the user manual).

A simple summary of the different apps can be found here: