WD Sync vs. WD Smartware

If you use WD Sync to keep files in sync to access from other devices and you use WD Smartware to back-up your computer are you not using twice as much space up on your MyCloud drive?

Yes, you are using additional space on your MyCloud. Usually the Backup is a system backup … OS, installed programs and files. This only happens when you do a backup either manually or on a schedule.

Syncing is for keeping certain folders/files up-to-date all the time, so the latest folder/files changes are current. Backup and Syncing are two different operations.

Hi SectorGZ,

So in my situation would this be right.

Where I use files at home and work daily, I would use WD Sync to keep both the same.

And the other files at home, like my photos, movies and other personal files that I just want a backup copy of just in case, I would use WD Smartware.