Backup via Smartware to MyCloud in another network

hi all,

I’d like to back up my data to a MyCloud Mirror which is located in another network. I established a port forwarding rule and stuff but In somehow cant figure whichs the best way. It should be an automated backup involving several folders. I thought smartware would do this but I cant do it when the cloud isnt in the local network.
any suggestions what im doing wrong ? thankis in advance

Welcome to the WD Community.

You wont be able to do that using the WD Smartware.

If the data that you are trying to save is on your PC, you might need to use a third party app. or you can copy the files manually.

Let’s see if any of the users can provide you some info about it.

One thought - can you remote-connect your machine to the network that your MCM is on (via a VPN or similar)?

If your machine is thus on the same network as the MCM (albeit virtually) then you may stand more of a chance of doing what you are looking for, via Smartware or some other software solution.

okay,thanks I’ll try to establish a VPN. Does anyone got some experience about those third party software ?