Stuttering playback with media files

Has anyone managed to fix the stuttering play back issue with media files?

I’ve seen a few old threads but no real answer.

I have my TV and WDMycloud plugged into a TP-LINK TL-SG108 8 Port Metal Gigabit Ethernet Switch using cat 7 cables (I’ve also tried 5E). My PC is on another switch using cat 5E.

Files play seamlessly from my PC, the reason I bought the NAS is that my PC often doesn’t show up by default and I have to restart the Serviio service. On my MyCloud drive movies are often impossible to watch because of the stuttering but the same files are fine on my PC?

This is clearly a problem with the MyCloud unit or software so is there a fix???


I can only speak for myself but I don’t have any problem.

How long is the cable from your My Cloud to your switch and from the switch to the TV?

I can tell you a little about my network. My WD My Cloud, 1st generation is connected to my recently bought Linksys WRT3200ACM router and the streaming to my TV’s is by wifi 802.11ac on the 5GHz channel. My LR TV is a new Sony 4K Ultra High Definition and the TV in my BR is connected by a ROKU Premiere.

Prior to buying the new router my old one was a Linksys WRT1900AC, but I still did not have any problems streaming my videos/movies from my My Cloud.

My suggestion is, take a look at your overall home network and your Serviio service.

I have a 0.5m cable from the My Cloud to the switch and a 2m cable to the TV. This isn’t a network issue. My PC is connected via a 5m cable and secondary switch and playback is perfect from that.

What is the device that is having trouble playing back the media? Serviio? Or a specific TV or other device? What is the Serviio installed on? The My Cloud? If so what My Cloud model are you using and what firmware version are you using? What directions did you follow to install Serviio to the My Cloud?

When playing back the media file is Serviio transcoding the media file from one format to another?

Hi Bennor,

Forget Serviio, that’s on my PC and plays media perfectly.

It’s the My Cloud box that’s having trouble with playback.

The same files play perfectly on my PC which is further away from the TV but are stuttering on the My Cloud.

The My Cloud does not “play back” anything. Rather it streams media TO a device, generally using the embedded Twonky DLNA server. What device are you having trouble viewing the media file on? How is it accessing the My Cloud? Using DLNA (Twonky) or some type of File Manager access?

If using DLNA then check the Twonky Administration page (generally found at http://wdmycloud:9000). Check the Twonky Sharing > Media Receivers section to ensure it is selecting the correct media receiver for the device having playback trouble. Sometimes one has to select another media receiver if the wrong one is selected.

To say this is clearly a naive comment. You have no reason to think this. In fact, it is most likely within the signal path from My Cloud to what you are playing it to.

Are you trying to play video from My Cloud to a PC, TV or tablet, etc? Are you using wireless connections anywhere along the way or wired or combo of both?

Re-reading your post,I see your problems began when you swapped out the routers, so are you SURE the new one is configured correctly? If you are using it in “out of the box” configuration, I can assure you it isn’t.

I can tell you I have a fairly elaborate network, and everything works fine, because I have prevented or solved any problems the signal can experience to any device it is played to. And, for what you are doing, CAT5e is more than adequate; anything higher is “overkill” and a waste of money for an ethernet cable.

I didn’t think there was any ambiguity in what I wrote but let me clarify.

I have a UHDTV and I use this to play files on the My Cloud. The same UHDTV can also play media files that are on my PC.

The My Cloud box and the TV are connected to the same gigabit switch using CAT 7 cables and play back is jerky.

My PC is connected to a different switch on the network but my TV plays exactly the same media files from that without any jerking.

I never mentioned a router.

My errror, it was another respondent who mentioned a router. Are you saying you have no router in the network? Everything is directly connected via ethernet?

Hi Mike,

I have a router which connects to my cable modem, on a different subnet, but the PC, TV and My Cloud are linked through switches which are interlinked. The TV and the My Cloud being on the same switch.


Also it isn’t all files that stutter on the My Cloud, music plays fine as does low quality video. I get the stuttering with higher quality video but as I said they play fine from my PC.

I don’t see a reason why you should have a problem. I have my cloud connected to a TPLINK router and my media player which is Minix Neo U1 connected on Wifi to the same router. I am able to stream seamlessly audio as well as full HD videos onto Minix without any hitch. I have tried streaming it using a tablet to my chromecast too. That works fine too.

I think there might be a decoder issue with your TV’s internal media player.

I could see that being the issue if the sames files didn’t play perfectly from my PC? Unless the version of Twonky that’s on the My Cloud is the problem? As I say, I can play HD content seamlessly from PC which is using Serviio.

You mean to say that the same media file saved on PC can be played back on your TV without any stutter?


Maybe your network is sliced and diced with too many subnets? Is this really necessary?

ALL my equipment (computers, NAS and video equipment devices, etc.) are connected to gigabit switches (connected to router) where they are located, and those switches are in turn connected to a single gigablt router via the ethernet ports, and because the router acts as the DHCP traffic cop, I have NO problems with video (any media) files anywhere within my home. be they wired or wirelessly delivered, and I can view either DLNA or Samba shared files fine, My system works the way it is supposed to.

The cable modem\router is on a different subnet as the Tivo 6 box needs to connect through that rather than the TP-Link router, having the two routers on the same subnet would be troublesome. However the internal network doesn’t touch the other subnet, just goes out to the Internet through the TP-Link. Nothing in the setup is likely to cause these issues. I believe its the read speed of the My Cloud that’s causing the issues, have you tried high quality videos? UHD videos? DTS sound?

Herein lies the problem. UHD videos ARE a problem for ancillary equipment not designed for it. One user way back last year reported issues with 4K etc from his new 4K camera. Sending it to his TV from his network did not work well; lots of jitter, With discussion with others in the thread it was determined that UHD/4K material ONLY worked without jitter if on a flash drive/SD card plugged directly into the TV’s slot. It worked well on computer (with better CPU and using VLC) just not on TV from My Cloud. There are enough key words in here, so maybe you can find this old thread here with the Search function.

The new Pro devices from WD such as the PR series of NAS devices likely have the horsepower to handle this, but not the lower tier My Cloud NAS devices. I am not sure my hi-end DL series NAS could handle it, but I only have a 1080p TV which handles BD source material fine.

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