Intermittent Playback Issues (Stuttering)

Hi there,

I love My Cloud - I call it Highlander, get it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got up to 70mpbs broadband and everything runs really smoothly for download and upload. Highlander sits next to my router, both of these are approx 4-5 feet across the room from my TV unit, where I have my PS3 connected to MyCloud via wifi.
I don’t even have 1TB worth of files stored yet and they’re all on their divided into series folders. I primarily use MyCloud for streaming / watching downloaded or ripped video files.
From when I got it in July until about a month ago it was performing really well but recently sometimes during playback both audio and video stutter. If I leave it for a while it doesn’t make a difference, doesn’t always happen in the same places on the same files, and only happens on some but not others; it affects avi and mp4 files.
Any advice would be much appreciated :smile:

What have you tried so far? Does it only happen when playing to your TV? Or are other devices affected as well?

I suspect you have a WiFi problem; probably some nearby WiFi is interfering. Use a WiFi diagnostic tool, or, ideally, connect you PS/3 to your router via Ethernet cable.

Thanks for the input, it’s a possibility so I’ll run a diagnostic :smile: Although tbh, I’d’ve thought if it’s local wifi interfering that I would’ve had that issue from the start. Will have a looksee.

It only happens on the TV via the PS3 - am pretty sure everything works fine on laptop, tablet, even smartphone. Will double check using files which have stuttered on the TV setup. I’ve tried restore to factory settings on mycloud, tried system reset on PS3, router & mycloud.

People buy and install new devices all the time. Routers change WiFi channels. The WiFi environment is not static. The fact that it happens randomly is what makes me think of WiFi blockage. But it could be a poor renderer. I think it’s unlikely to be a MyCloud problem.

What are you using to play videos, and how are you accessing the MyCloud; as a file server (e.g. SMB) or the media server?