Struggling to Set up PR4100 In Any Way At All

Hi All,

Sorry if this is the wrong section. I picked up a used PR4100 today. It came with the original power cord, but 0 drives. Overall it looks to be in great physical shape, though a little dusty on the inside.

When I plug it the power, and ethernet cord the light blinks blue, and then eventually changes to blinking red with the message: Firmware Update Failed

I have tried pressing the reset button, I have tried holding down the reset button (for 30+ seconds) and it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Because I’ve never had one before I don’t have a mycloud account, and I cant seem to sign up for one…without the device being on a solid blue light. Currently I have not put any drives in, but I assume it does not need drives in to set up? I have two WD red 2 tb drives I want to put in it, but would rather leave them sealed until I am sure I am actually keeping the PR4100- which is seeming less likely by the minute, hah.

I logged into my router. The PR4100 shows up, sometimes as online, sometimes as offline (seemingly regardless of whether the PR4100 is actually on or not).

Is there a way to manually update the firmware? Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I tried doing a hard reset following these instructions, but it doesn’t seem to register that I’m doing anything at all: How to Reset a My Cloud PR4100 Device

I thought before it just kept timing out, but I decided to try it one more time before responding and it now let me upload a new firmware, and is apparently letting me set it up now! It’s now asking me to insert my drives.