PR4100 Blue Flashing Light

Apparently there was a firmware update on 9/20/22. I hadn’t been in my server room in a few days and when I came waltzing into my server room tonight, I heard a rather loud fan running. I looked over and found my WD PR4100 with a message of “System rebooting” and the fan was blasting.

Before I touched it, I quickly checked online and read that it should be OK to go ahead and power it off. I tapped the power button and it immediately shut off. I waited a few seconds, turned it back on.

Now I’m sitting here and the power light is blinking blue, the drive lights are all solid (not flashing) blue and I cannot access the NAS. I have nearly 32TB of data on this NAS.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you for this. I was told by support to wait as they “believe” it’s running through a disk check. They told me 5-6 days :roll_eyes:

So I’ll let it go I guess until that. If that doesn’t work, I will attempt to reset.

Unless the reset is recommended? I just don’t want to lose my data. I will DEFINITELY be turning off auto update if/when I’m able to get access back. I should have known better.