PR4100 Flashing Blue Power Light, Won't Connect to Switch. OS 5

Changed providers yesterday. Moved the PR4100 to a new location, handled it correctly (I am a service tech for 17 years). When I tried to reconnect the PR4100, it gets stuck in a loop, blue power light flashing, stuck on welcome screen. I have done all the usual, reset, remove the drives and power up, one drive, etc. So I come here out of frustration. I doubt it died just because I moved it. I tested the new CAT 5 cable w/ a commercial tester and my laptop will connect and pull an IP. Did this just die out of nowhere? My only thought is it may have received an update from WD and this would be the first time it was manually power cycled in some time.
Is it time to recycle this device or is there hope for it?

Hi @The_Dog,

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I did get it sorted out finally. I think a manual firmware upgrade fixed it, not sure. It’s happily humming away again, life is good. Thanks for the reply.

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I’m having a similar issue this morning. I’m still using the older firmware and not OS5 as I am skeptical of how long the OS5 upgrade may take, so I never did. Now this morning, I leave with a blue flashing power light. No activity on the drives but are all solid blue, and the fan is running. No other button works and I can even hard power it down cause the minute I press the button, without holding it down, it shuts down right away. Start it up again, it back to the same issue as I have described. Would greatly appreciate if you have a solution how to fix this. I’m really worried as I have so much data on the NAS. Thanks for any suggestion or solution.

Well if it’s just blinking blue you shouldn’t have any concern for the upgrade to OS5 time commitment. Somehow I must have corrupted the pr4100’s O/S it could have been any of the third party apps or more likely a combo of them. Bite the bullet and do a manual update, OS3 itself may be a problem with apps supporting OS5 exclusively now. I will admit I was walking on pins and needles until the reimage was done. My pr4100 hasn’t missed a beat since.

Thank you and much appreciate the response. It is definitely a relief to hear that it might still have some life. I have been letting the unit run almost 5 days now and still blinking. I called WD and they told me to let it run for 7 days as it could potentially be doing a system restore. I highly doubt that it will start up after that.

Having said that, I have no issue upgrade to OS5. How do I manually upgrade it when I can’t even boot up the unit? I cannot get to the dashboard or my network is not even seeing the unit. Your guidance would be much appreciated.

I am not entirely sure. I work in advanced networking and edge hardware. So this was a long time ago. I am pretty sure I found a Youtube video that gives you a step by step process for the reimaging. It was a long time (in IT years) ago.
If I dust off those brain cells I’ll be back for a reply. As I already stated, it was more of a nail-biting exercise rather than being complicated. It is the one and only problem I have had with the PR4100. Good luck. Take your time and proceed cautiously.