Strange video/audio sync issues


When playing media on my WD TV Live, I’ve noticed some problems with the “speed” (apologies for the lack of a less newbie-ish term) of the video (I think). It doesn’t seem as smooth as on the PC, and it seems almost as though the speed of the video is changing through out the video. This creates issues with the audio, as it is very slightly out of sync. It changes, but I’d say the max difference between the video and the audio is a little less than a second.

Strangely, the issue is worse with Xvid .avi videos. The issue is not present at all when the videos are viewed on my PC. 

I realise I’ve been posting quite a lot of threads here, but it’s a new unit for me and there seems to be a lot off issues to iron out. So I’d appreciate any help/advice from you guys. :smiley:



AVIs are notorious if the contents stemmed from originals which had Variable Frame Rate.

Think Star Trek: Next Generation DVDs which would bounce back and forth between 24 and 30 fps dozens of times per episode. 

AVI can’t manage that, so many XviD/DivX decoders will telecine the contents, and do it poorly, with the result being what you describe.

I won’t swear that’s what happened in your case, but I’ve seen it…

Wow, very quick reply. Thanks!

If this is the case, why don’t I get the same issues when the files are played back on a PC? Is this something that only affects the WD TV Live?

And if you are correct, could I fix the issue simply by putting the streams into a different container format?  

Ah!  My first customer!  :)  

Allow me to refer you to the FAQ (at the top of the forum) sections 4C and 4F.  :)


So would this occur with any other competing media player too?

Also, why does the problem also occur with .mkv files (encoded with h264), if it’s the .avi format that has the problem?

Yes, to some degree, all hardware players are going to have the same issues.  ANY file can have the problem, not just AVI.  Like AVI, MKV is just a “Container.”