MKV Audio and Video playing problems, please help

Hi. :slight_smile:

I am not an expert regarding video/audio encoding, codecs, etc. and I may have some problems with understanding some terms/questions/etc. so please bear with me.

I have downloaded some MKV files online and am having problems with playing some of them, I’m not sure why.

I downloaded both Video 1 and Video 2 from 1 torrent file and the rest plays beautifully so I’m not sure what’s wrong with these 2, I hope you guys can help me.

So there’s Video 1: Video keeps skipping, Audio is not in sync.

…and Video 2: Audio is not in sync, no problems with Video though.

I can’t find an alternative torrent for these files and the DVDs are still not available locally so it would really be great if you can help me with this.


BTW, I just bought my WD TV Live a month ago? Or a month and a half ago, so it’s realitively new, and never been connected to the internet. (I’ve only used my 1TB WD HD and a different-brand 320GB HD so far. Both Video 1 and Video 2 are stored in the 1TB WD HD.) --just in case this information was important. :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Not an expert either but the only times i’ve encountered out of sync videos with wdtv are when its encoded in vfr (variable frame rate). If you you have ffdshow (normally included in codec packs), you could try checking playing the video in your pc then double-clicking the red icon (for video) that shows up in the taskbar and check if the Movie FPS is non-changing. Or just download mediainfo and check the file.

You have just found the problem with Torrent downloads, you have no idea how they are encoded. The player expects a video to be encoded in a standard way and if its not then you get problems. I’m afraid that you will not get much help here as the downloads are probably pirate videos.

And what’s the practical upshot of VFR anyway?

Techflaws wrote:

And what’s the practical upshot of VFR anyway?

Maybe smoother animation? I know some files got the normal 23.976 for most scenes while a few scenes are in 29.970 (or is the other way around). Dunno really lol… i tend to avoid it if there are other alternatives.