Audio is out of sync with Video

I wrote this e-mail below last night. Unfortunately, when looking this morning at other e-mails I realize that WD is grossly ignoring its customers … they had two firmware patches … without fixing this problem. Very disappointing!!! 

Audio is out of sync with Video 

Hi, I just bought the latest version of the media player and a 1TB WD hard drive. There is very small time difference between video and audio in AVI files. However, my mp4 files have at least 4 to 5 seconds difference in time.

I am very disappointed!!!  BTW, I have no time delay when watching the video files on my computer. I hope they are going to fix this ASAP (I have the latest firmware on my media player).

I am also going to call them in the next days.

Sounds to me like a poorly constructed file.  PCs can handle them much better because of multithreading and other factors where the computers power excels.  

Can you post the output of MediaInfo for an example that’s 4-5 seconds out?

How are you receiving your content? Over network or USB? How are you hearing your audio? Through a home receiver?

where do I post that info? I am new to this web page.

over the internet.

I’m experiencing the same problem , I want to point out that this was not happening before ,  I noticed this problem since a week ago aprox. I’ve also noticed this happen with almost any video file format, someone knows about a solution for this??

The movie files are stored in a 2 TB WD My Book Essential and it’s been almost a year since I got my WD TV Live plus.

the movies can be played in the pc normally.

How are you playing your audio?  (i.e. are you running through an AVR, or does your TV directly output it?  And are you using “Stereo” or “Digital” for your audio settings?).

And what firmware version are you on?