Strange Problem G-Speed Q/MAC

So, I planned on blowing out my wife’s 4x2GB G-Speed Q, and reformatting it. We had a hard time removing the backups from it and now it is in a state where It claims that there are 6GB used, not accessible, and not writeable. If I use the (pretty crude) configurator, it claims that I can only configure the machine to raid 0 or 1 (not 5). I suspect that there is an inaccessible raid 5 partition map on this system. If I try to use Apple’s disk utility (el capitan) it says that there are 6GB not writeable on the assembly. The disks are not named and the apple disk utility doesn’t know that it’s a RAID.

So…given the lack of good tools here, I’ve been considering taking each drive out individually and completely erasing them by installing each into a portable USB disk connected to a PC and using PC tools to do this. When I reinstall them, the G-Speed should just go back to default and allow raid 0 or 5 configuration. Does that sound like a plan?

BTW I like that this equipment is so well made. The firewire/USB interface is slow, though. It’s too bad that this can’t be “re-manufactured” with new guts to use the latest technology and interfaces.

Hello Steve,

You will get the wrong RAID options when not attached via USB. The RAID needs to be configured on USB not FW.

4x2TB drives would be 8TB. In RAID5 that is 6TB usable. That is what your system is saying is used. That is correct. If it says its full then it would likely be a corrupted partition and erasing it to be an empty 6TB would solve the issue.