G-Raid won't work new out of the box

I just connected it for the first time this evening; and I didn’t see it mount on the desktop. I went into disk utility and sure enough, it was there. I figured a simple erase would fix the program. An hour later now and I’m nowhere. I’ve been reading through support articles but none seem to help. I just want to get this new drive formatted so I can start backing up my large and important files. Can anyone push me in the right direction to get some help with this? Thanks. I’ve uploaded a image of the error i’m receiving. Thanks in advance.

Which version of the Mac OS are you using? Is it 10.11.x El Capitan? Is this the G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt only?

10.12.2 ; its the GRAID with USB and two FIREWIRE


Have you tried mounting it with the other interface to attempt the erase? Do you have access to any other computers you can try it on? If switching the interface continues to give the same results then it would be a bad block on one of the drives stopping you from finishing.

You can also call into our support for assistance: 888.426.5214

Thanks for the help; I did try one of the other interfaces. It’s on its way back to B&H; we’ll see how #2 works when it arrives.