G-RAID unable to be initialized by Disk Utility


Hi, I bought a used G-RAID 8TB with only one Windows-formatted 4TB drive in it. I bought a new HGST 4TB and put them in the enclosure and tried to format it on my iMac (running 10.13.5). It shows up in Disk Utility as “G-RAID with Thunderbolt Media - uninitialized” with a capacity of 104.9MB. When I tried to erase it into Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format, it kept giving me the error of “Unable to write to the last block of the device”.

I am new to this and nothing I researched online has seemed to fix this so far. Please help!


Never mind. I figured it out. I used a hard drive dock to format both drives, and after some more playing around with the RAID configurator, now it works in RAID 0.