G-Raid - Solid RED G. TB2.USB3 8TB removable/mac

Over night for no apparent reason my drive disappeared from my desktop and started showing a red light. I do have a back up on another G-Drive but it’s not as up to date as I would want. I have read that it may matter if I had it set to Raid 0 or 1 which makes sense but I don’t remember and can’t see the drive to know. I assume if it was showing 4TB of usable space I stated it on Raid 1 but again I don’t see the drive on my system. I read something about a configurator and download one of those from the site and it’s saying no devices found however I’m not sure I have the correct one and don’t see where I can find other options. I did have an additional drive chained to this base one and that had been available so the TB connection was good… I just removed that to be safe and only have the bad drive plugged in at the moment. I tried the USB port too… nothing. I have never done this before but I opened the front door and see both drives are showing 2 red/pink lights.

I would like to do my best to save the data on this drive and assume I need a drive to move it to but will there be something to move if the drive is in this condition and I am having trouble communicating with it? How would I doo this if its possible? Could the data on the drives be safe and just the casing is bad?

I am on a iMac / 5K 27" running 10.13.6

Out of the box the unit is RAID0 meaning if one drive fails (red LED) then the RAID is shot and the content is very likely to be gone.

If it was changed to RAID1 prior to failure then the other drive takes over and the unit remains mounted and usable.

The RAID configurator you would need if you have the TB2 and USB model is: G-RAID Removable w/ TB for Mac

Also make sure you have the proper power adapter in use. 12v 4a is the output requirements. You can also power down the unit and pop the drives out and back in, re-seating them and see if that helps.