Storage BAD recovering DX4000 with new hard drives


I managed to find from a store two fully compatible Sentinel drives (WD2000F9MZ-76NVPL0 - original from WD) which are identical to the ones pre-installed on our two DX4000 NAS. I wanted to create a new install from scratch but for reasons I cannot understand it fails with error STORAGE BAD.

Sequence I made is the following:

  • Wiped (diskpart clean) the disks
  • Created USB recovery key from DX4000 ISO CD rom
  • Installed two WD2000F9MZ hard drives in the Sentinel
  • Started recovery with USB installed pushing the rear recovery button (confirmed from LCD)

But after one or two minutes from “recovery initializing” I get the message STORAGE BAD. What the hell I am doing wrong?

Sentinel WD DX4000 recovery issue

You need to do the middle step first, recreate I think
When done look at the log file in the wd folder of the thumb drive at the end of it. Make sure it says what you expect, Raid 1, 2 drives etc

Then do the recovery


Hi Gramps, that was correct. thank you - next step is to try with the currently sold enterprise hard drives (SE - differing only for the last number in the MDL) modifying the whitelist files


Only as future reference I add a small bit of information to this old post. I tried to recreate the archive on a WD DX4000 using an USB key created with virtual DVD. The hard drives were the WD4000F9YZ-09N20L1 drives, the 4Tb ones which have been added by WD to in the compatibility lists (as the ones with s/n 0 as last digit instead of 1 were not available anymore - actually also these ones are starting to be rare).

The raid recreate did not work with the USB key in their original state (“recovery invalid config” was shown). I tried to diskpart clean the two hard disks on another machine and I still got the smae error. I managed to create the RAID only after

diskpart clean
converting the drives into GPT drives without formatting.

Also this was done on another machine. Following these steps the RAID was created and then I managed to start and complete the recovery with the second USB key (16Gb) plus virtual DVD

Davide - DTM


Good info
Thanks !


Thank you Gramps, thank you.
I have successfully installed two 4 TB Red NAS and two 4TB WD Blue drives.
The trick as you stated, do RE-CREAT to create the raid and then do the recovery.


Another happy camper :slight_smile:


Hello, im looking on this forums, i have DX4000 and trying to instal two HDDs ( 2x1TB Blue WD )
but display show " bad drive " i have read this tread, but i dont know where i should " recreate " i dont have system installed on NAS yet… than You for suggestions



the blue WD drives are not officially supported by the original DX4000 DVD installation. The only way to start with a fresh install is to modify the allowed list of hard drives both in the DVD file as well as on the USB sticks you will use for re-create and recovery introducing the s/n of the WD blue drives.

Otherwise the only way is to start with allowed drives, once the install is complete install the WD patch which allows you to use “not allowed” drives, and than replace one by one the drives which would be anyway quite long process as you each time the RAID shall be re-created

kind regards

Davide DTM