WDX4000 recovery process ends with - storage bad - drive not part of the array

Well it finally happened! After a sudden power failure one drive died on my DX4000. Replaced the bad drive with identical model drive and yet got 0xD9 errors. Resorted to replacing all drives with four identical WD2002FYPS-02W3B0 drives. Following the standard and recommended steps DISKPART/cleaned all drives and proceeded to boot from a USB created from PANAM_SvrRecovery_1_7_6_21. Consistently get “storage bad” errors and Drive “WD-WCAVY#######’ is not part of the RAID!” I’ve tried various combinations of over a dozen whitelisted drives that otherwise seem fine. What am I missing?

this tells me your NAS itself is damaged

I suggest Synology such as one of the 8 disk models which can gobble up all your disks and offer a slightly more robust setup

Good to know. Any suggestion on attempting to recover my data (if I can determine which drives its on!)?

given the old unit is damaged and disks are interleaved sadly not much you can do

If you have not done diskpart/clean on the old drives you can try raid recovery software. You get a couple of dual usb caddys and hook them to a windows pc.
The software is normally free to look and if you see your data you pay to drag and drop
I suppose if you already had the drive docks you could look even if you have cleaned the drives. It will work with one missing drive out of 4