Storage BAD recovering DX4000 with new hard drives

I have a DX4000 with 4 X 3TB drives, One of my hard disk is failed. i have purchased new disk and when i m trying to perform recovery its showing storage bad. There is red light on bay 3 which drive is failed. Please can any one help me to fix.

The system should have still been running with only one failed drive. There is no recovery to perform, you just replace the drive.
If the drive was not on the whitelist you need to download and run the drive enabler utility from WD

my box get restart after that i am enable to access my server. so i m trying to recover. hard disk which i have is not compatible so to add in white list i need to access my server. please suggest

are you saying you are un-able to access your server? What is on the LCD?

start up failed 0*d9. After that i try to recover my storage bcoz unable to access my server.

if you need your data you need to search for and get SCSI recovery software. Put your drives in a usb dock connected to a PC and try to get your data

When you get your data or if you do not need your data you can rebuild the box.
You will have to use FDISK to CLEAN your drives before you begin the rebuild
Only use the 3 good original drives during the rebuild
once it is up and running you can install the drive enabler and add your 4th new drive

with my 3 working drive i can perform recovery option and can i get my data back once its finish recovering.

I have never seen anyone keep their data with the error you have
As you found out recover and keep my data failed with bad storage