SSH no longer working (update 2.31.195)

Is this a result of the latest update (Firmware 2.31.195 Tuesday, 2019 October 08, 8:34:52 PM)?

I used to sftp into my MyCloud pretty often. I’m the only user of this device. I hadn’t done so in about two weeks, and I found yesterday that I was only getting an error message saying “too many login attempts.”

That was odd. I rebooted the device, and now every SSH attempt I make rejects my password. Using the http server on the device (wdmycloud.local), I changed the SSH password, but still my SSH attempts reject the password.

What am I supposed to do? This has never been a problem before. I don’t know what model my device is, but the serial number is WXN1H847CREJ

Try the user name sshd instead of root

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