My Cloud FRM 2.31.195 for EX2 Ultra - SSH access rejected with correct password

Greetings to the community.
I don’t know if they have notice on the subject. With firmware update 2.31.195 ssh access is impossible, since the server reject the correct password. We have been forced to downgrade to 2.31.183 and it has worked again.

Please tell me if you are solving the case.
While, we will keep the old firmware waiting for your news.

Thank you

Access equipment tested WITHOUT ssh access with firmware 2.31.195:

from Ubuntu 16.04
kernel Linux

from Fedora 30 (thirty)
Kernel Linux

I noticed this as well. Downgrading fixes it.

Come the ■■■■ on Western Digital.

If anyone seeing this is contemplating purchasing any WD cloud products, don’t. Stick to their Hard drives only (if you can’t afford a good one). WD is horrible with releasing software and product support.

Don’t get stuck with one like me…

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I encountered this too, and after much inconvenience I eventually discovered that it appears that in the .195 update (or perhaps another recent one before it) our western digital overlords decided to change the ssh username from “root” to “sshd”.

You’re still root upon logging in, though.

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Thanks for your opinion, Matt. I use wd products for about 25 years, both at home and in the company. I have rarely seen weight errors. Nobody is perfect and I hope they correct it in future firmware versions. I am not a wd worker. I am a simple user. Perfection does not exist. Patience and collaboration are good allies.