SSH Login since Firmware Version 2.31.193 not possible anymore

Dear all,

I am using a MyCloud Mirror Rev. 2, and since Firmware Version 2.31.193, a login via SSH is not possible anymore. Also, version 2.31.195 (the latest) is defective. Only a downgrade to version 2.31.183 did make SSH working again.

Please correct this issue.

Dear all,

I confirm this issue. Using a WD MyCloud Gen 2, access through SSH is denied. I made absolutely sure that the IP address matches and even updating the password through the web interface (which is accessible) does not grant access.

After a brief search through these forums, the following solution helped me:

It appears that instead of using ‘root’, using ‘sshd’ as username works.


Thanks, that works. Would be good to document that in the firmware notes :slight_smile: - at least I did only see something that they changed something for ssh, but not this detail.
Thanks a lot for your help!

Thanks, I noticed right away, that they changed/added the line

AllowUsers sshd

to the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. I tried to change that to root, but restarting the sshd resets the file :frowning:
So we have to workaround here.

It appears that the user has been changed indeed also the available commands that are allowed are restricted…
I only used it to run nzbget , but found a way to install it using the webinterface so i dont need it anymore…
I am somewhat bothered that there was no communication regarding these changes to my device !!