Source data volume after Safepoint created

Hi. After finally getting a Safepoint to ‘create’ properly (with nothing else going on on the NAS drive) I noticed that the data volume (%age used) on the SOURCE disk had gone up quite significantly. Now I’d expect that on the TARGET disk, but the SOURCE disk?

Anyone else seen similar? Any any explanations?



(By “significantly” I mean the SOURCE disk (2TB) was at 38% used pre-Safepoint and 44% used post-Safepoint - that’s more than a few expanded logfiles or whatever…)

Assuming you are using SafePoint to backup to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud, check the USB Content Availability setting in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > General > Cloud Access. When USB Content Availability is enabled the My Cloud Dashboard Capacity section will include the USB drive in the chart totals/values.

Whether that’s on or off (it’s on) it still doesn’t explain why the SOURCE disk has more data on it after the Safepoint creation operation completes. Why would the SOURCE disk have significantly more data on it after it’s been backed up?

Where are you seeing, Dashboard or Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder, the percentage change?

It’s reported by Windows, by WD Dashboard and by WD Quick View - they all say that the SOURCE disk has much more on it after creation of a Safepoint of the SOURCE disk onto an attached USB disk…

Have you searched the My Cloud drive to see what files are being added after performing a SafePoint? If so what are the files? When I used SafePoint I don’t recall it doing what you are experiencing.

By chance are you also using WD Sync to sync files from a computer to the My Cloud?

One reason, as previously indicated, when the USB Content Availability is enabled the My Cloud Dashboard includes the USB drive and all its files in the calculations it displays in the Capacity section. It treats it all as one value. When the USB drive is connected to the My Cloud it creates a Share that is then parsed by the My Cloud firmware to include into the Capacity section.

Here is a quick and dirty example with USB Content Availability enabled and performing a SafePoint backup to a USB drive attached to the My Cloud. Note there are only a few files on this My Cloud as it is not used since moving to Synology NAS.

No SafePoint:

After initiating a SafePoint:

Note how the Other content value went from 2.9GB to 3.2GB. This is because the the USB drive had files added to it (via the SafePoint), so the Capacity section includes the additional files on the USB drive in the totals because USB Availability was enabled.

With USB Content Availability disabled there doesn’t appear to be any change between the values.

No SafePoint:

After SafePoint:

Your mileage may vary.

Now if USB Content Availability is disabled/turned off and the Capacity chart values are still increasing/changing that may indicate some other issue.

Not sure how you are seeing the total values in Windows File Explorer of the My Cloud. With the default Windows Explorer Settings I don’t see it showing any information on total My Cloud drive size/usage. I don’t use WD QuickView, but I assume it too would include the USB total into the My Cloud total if USB Content Availability is enabled.

Bottom line, if USB Content Availability is enabled, disable it (if you haven’t done so already) and see if the values change.

Thanks for a very comprehensive reply! :slightly_smiling_face: --N.